October 1, 2009

Day after Surgery

Yesterday was the surgery. Everything went really well and I had an excellent team of nurses and doctors. I was apparently pretty funny and happy through some of it all too! Despite the very large bandage on my leg and having to get around on crutches I was feeling pretty good yesterday. On top of the general anesthesia, they gave me a nerve block to my foot so I couldn't feel anything until about 6 this morning.

And then it all wore off and now there is pain and I haven't moved from my bed.

The oxycodone is definitely taking the edge off but isn't completely taking the pain away. Mike graciously got my camera for me (he has been such a good nurse for me!) so here is a picture of the very large bandage that encases my left foot.


Kt said...

This looks all to familiar. I'm sorry that the pain set in. They should do a nerve blocker that will last until its all healed. =) That would work.

ChrisandMissy said...

Sorry about the pain; hope it goes away quick. =(
Good for you staying in bed!