October 4, 2009

Quilt for Baby A!

I couldn't post this before today because I did not want the recipient to accidentally come across this post and see her present! :) I finished my first ever quilt the other day and am fairly happy with how it turned out. One of my good friends, Meghan, is expecting her 2nd child any day now - a little boy! When I first got my sewing machine I was determined to make her something for her shower present. This quilt looked easy enough and so I set out to do it. This quilt isn't hard but it took me waaaayyy longer than most since it was my first attempt. But it is done! Here are some pictures of the finished product. I can't wait to take pictures with this quilt and little Mr. A on top! :)


ChrisandMissy said...

Congrats on your first quilt! It looks great, Emily. =) I'm sure it would take anyone a long time with the applique.

Barbara said...

So I've decided that whenever we have a baby, you will have to make us a quilt too! I absolutely LOVE it! Such beautiful colors together!

Mike & Emily said...

Thanks Missy and Barbara! I am pretty pleased with it. I still need lots of practice!