September 18, 2008


So we have landed in Ireland and spent a full day wandering around Dublin - getting very lost! - exploring the city. We are both exhausted and are fighting sleep so that we get ourselves on the right time zone but it was very hard to stay awake today, especially when sitting on the bus! Mike is also fighting a bit of a head cold which developed much more on the plane. It is just an annoying bug.

We are staying with our friend, Chrissy, during our 2 day stay in Dublin. She has a quaint townhouse right outside of Dublin which she shares with 2 other lovely girls. The little town nearby, Blackrock, is absolutely adorable! And they have the best Starbucks - beautiful view of the bay. :) But anyways, once we pick up our car Saturday morning we are heading west and then north for the rest of our time in Ireland.

We probably will not be able to update the blog much more than today for the rest of the trip but we wanted to post some pictures from our explorations today in the city of Dublin. (There were no real good pictures of us so all you get is scenery!)

Beautiful flowers for sale at Grafton Street.

The Guinness Storehouse! Huge distillery right in the middle of Dublin. We decided not to pay for the tour but just to explore the outside. Tomorrow we will get our pint of Guinness when we got out to dinner!

Fun brightly colored front doors of the Georgian townhomes in downtown.

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Kt said...

Looks and sounds awesome! I'm still so jealous...and will be until the day i get to go there! but I'm glad to hear you two are having fun minus the sleep and possible head cold for mike! make sure he gets lots of vitamin C! Love you!!!!