September 5, 2008

New Job, etc.

So I am not really sure what is wrong with my last post. I did have 3 pictures up at one time showing the house but now it will only let me post one of the 3....strange....oh well. If you want more details just email us!
So last month I started a new job. I very sadly my co-workers at Triangle Visions to pursue a hobby of mine. While in college I took a photography class and there captured a love for the art. I have been playing for a couple of years now and even bought myself a fancy camera. :) Earlier this summer I stumbled upon a job posting for a photographer for a kids studio right here in Apex! I thought it would never happen but what's the harm in applying. So apply I did. And I got it! I am still not sure why she picked me but here we go. I have been at the job for about a month now. It is a part time job so learning and such has been a little slower than I am used to due to the schedule. I love the flexibility in my days that I have now. You can see my profile and the work that our studio does at The main studio is called Pure Expressions Photography and Kidzpiks, the exclusively kids portion, stems out from under it. There is so much room for growth and experience - I am excited (and a little nervous!) about what the near future holds. :)

Mike and I are also getting ready for a big trip that we have been planning for about a year now. We head off to Ireland in less than 2 weeks and we will be able to spend 11 days over there exploring the country. We are super excited - definitely not completely ready. It is amazing how time sneaks up on you! We are going to be doing a lot of driving and sightseeing but we are also excited to see our friend Chrissy who is a missionary in Dublin. That will be so sweet to see her in the country that she ministers to and loves. We will definitely have updates when we get back and maybe a little bit of posting while we are over there. :) We will just have to see what kind of internet we are able to find.

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