September 19, 2008

Ireland: Day 2

So Emily, Chrissy, and I had a blast today in Dublin. We all had brunch (that meal after brecks) at Cafe' Harry's in Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dunleary) and then Emily and I spent some time walking along the pier while Chrissy met a friend at another cafe' for an hour or two. After this we all drove south of Dublin to Powers Court estate and had tea with scones and cream. The estate was actually the castle that Edmund Dantes buys in the modern movie adaptation of the Counte of Monte Christo. After this we took a wonderfully scenic ride back to Dublin and caught a free 3 hour symphony performed by the Dublin Symphony Orchestra with one of Chrissy's friends, Luke. We were a tad up a little late and had to wait for preorder tickets to free up so we missed a performance of Ballet Suite No. 1 by Shostakovich. However, we still got to here Divertimento by Stravinsky, Violin Concerto in D Major and Sleeping Beauty Suite by Tchaikovsky. Afterwards, the four of us got burger's at Eddie Rocket's (just like Johnny Rocket's in the States) and we talked for a while. Emily and I especially enjoying getting to know Luke, and hope to keep chatting with him. Anyhow, this will be the last post for a while because we don't have computer access once we leave Chrissy's tomorrow so we'll most likely journal when we get back. Here are some pics of our day below.

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Kt said...

Okay....Now I'm REALLY jealous of you guys! That symphony concert sounds AMAZING!!!! Not fair...i'm stuck here....blahhh.
I'm glad you two are having fun, and your time with Chrissy is going well! Have fun on the rest of your trip! Love you!!!