January 2, 2013

365 Day Challenge ~ January 1

So, I resolved (yesterday!) to challenge myself to taking a picture each day of the year and documenting it.  I have watched others do similar photo challenges in years past and have always thought that they were so cool, especially once the year is over and you have all those pictures to look back at.  So in an effort to get me back into blogging, using my camera for more than business (although I will use my phone for pictures too), and enjoying the simple things of life I am going to attempt a 365 Day Challenge this year!

So yesterday as both kids took amazing afternoon naps, I finally sat down and worked on my CBS bible study that we are starting for the new year.  We are going to be studying Hebrews this spring and after this first lesson I am excited about it!  Hoping to persevere diligently and intently through my bible studies this year.  I am so quickly distracted by the world around me.  And this first lesson repeated over and over again that we can not neglect this great salvation we have been given!

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