July 9, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Levi is officially 2!  He still does not grasp the concept of a birthday yet.  The cake and presents are still foreign to him (although he is starting to show interest in unwrapping the presents - just doesn't know what it means to get a present).  So, on his actual birth day we didn't do a whole lot.  The kid doesn't eat cake or ice cream and doesn't understand to want presents.  It was a pretty non-event.  :)  He did open a few presents from us, grandparents and some other family.  His favorite gift was a Bubble Mower (surprise surprise) from my Aunt Beth.

But I planned a little birthday party for him that we had at the beginning of July.  Momma was a little preoccupied at the beginning of June so I wasn't able to get invitations out till the week of his birthday.  Hence, for the delay in having the party.

We just invited a few of his 2 year old friends (and his cousin even though she is 3!) and made bubbles the theme!  It was a very cute idea and the kids had fun but was I sure frazzled by the end of the morning!  I totally underestimated how hard it would be on me to take care of an infant and host a small gathering (with wet soapy kids).  Thankfully Mike was off work so he wrangled the dog and kept his eye on Levi.  And my sister-in-law helped with food and served as my extra hand throughout the morning (even though she has her own 3 year old and infant too!).  So, I learned valuable lessons about a 2 year old birthday party.  One, being don't try one when you have such a young baby (unless you are super mom which I am NOT).  Second, keep it SIMPLE.  I thought I was doing a good job at that but I really needed to keep it dumb simple.  Two year olds have very small attention spans and never do what you expect them to do.  Because I was so frazzled I didn't take a lot of pictures and didn't take any until the end.  And my phone was the only thing handy so that was what I used.  :)  So excuse my poor quality pictures!

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