March 29, 2012

Farm Days!

Ok, I realize that this blog has been very poorly attended to over the past few months.  I'm sorry!  Life has just been busy busy busy.  Between chasing a toddler, growing a baby, working on business stuff and just all general stuff this blog got neglected.  So much has happened since we last posted too!  Finding out we are having a baby girl, a trip to Florida to see friends and visit Disney, and a new nephew - born just this week!

But I have a moment today and thought I would update everyone on normal life.  :)  My neighbor invited us to Farm Days over at the NC State Agricultural School this morning and since Nana and Grandpa were down (due to my nephew's early delivery) we all went for a little field trip.  I was so glad that Nana and Grandpa were there!  Levi just wanted to run all over the place rather than look at the animals.  We were able to reign his attention and look at and pet a few animals.  He was most impressed (and even a little scared) of the cows.  He just stared and stared at them.   :)  Thank you, Nana, for taking some pictures of our outing!  We ended the fun little trip with free NC State homemade ice cream (which Levi would not eat - doesn't know what he is missing!).

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