December 21, 2011

18 Months!

So hard to believe but little Levi is 18 months old today!  He has been sick (Hand, Foot and Mouth) for the past couple days so he has been a bit grumpy.  He is also perfecting his tantrum skills and boy are we in for it!  Can we say STRONG will!  This was the first time that I took out my camera to take his picture and he didn't giggle at the click of the shutter.  :(  Hoping that is not gone forever but I think we have lost the magic of camera.  Levi was much more interested in playing with his toys than looking or smiling for Mommy.  It was also quite a dreary and dark day so taking pictures inside was a bit of a challenge.  I think this storyboard captures him just where he is right now - TODDLER.  :)

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