April 18, 2011

Stairway Project

So we finally are getting somewhere on our loooonngg awaited stairway project.  Remember WAY back when I posted that we wanted out stairs to look like this {I really like the numbers - haven't convinced Mike yet}:

Mike did most of the work so he gets a lot of the credit.  All I did was a bit of sanding and taping - and of course, supervising.  :)  Mike got the banister stained {after a good bit of prep work} on Sunday afternoon during Levi's nap and it looks great!  He/we still needs to poly it, take the tape down, and touch up paint but the banister is looking pretty good!  Yay for progress!

 Close up shot:

*Sorry about picture quality!  Definitely will take better pictures when we get the WHOLE thing done!  :)


ChrisandMissy said...

I love your house! The rail looks great!
Are the stairs carpeted right now? I guess you would be taking that off if you're thinking of doing the numbers? I think the numbers are super cool and if you just stained wood house numbers to match the banister, you could tack them on and when you were tired of them, you would have only a couple teeny holes... Come on, Mike! =)
I like the frames spaced up the steps. I would copy, but we have a little ledge coming off the wall and I don't know if it would look right. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Emily said...

Thanks Missy! The stairs are carpeted right now. We are planning on ripping that up and doing the same hardwood look on the steps. We are planning on putting hardwoods in the upstairs hallway too. The bedrooms will stay carpeted with new carpet. We just wanted to get all the painting/staining done with the old carpet in so we didn't have to worry about getting stuff on it.
Would love to see more pictures of your cute little house! I LOVE the girls' rooms so I'm sure I would love everything. :)

Alison said...

Looking like good progress to me! I think Missy's idea of the house letters being tacked on would be a good compromise :)