April 5, 2011


Need to share another video {sorry if you are on Levi overload!}.  :)  Levi has been a late "talker".  He didn't start babbling or making different noises until just recently.  I wouldn't say he is truly babbling yet but he has figured out one letter and it happens to be "M"!  Most babies say "Da" first so I was thrilled when Levi started saying "momma".  Granted, he has no idea what he is saying and just says it randomly but it warms my heart a bit.  :)

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Johannah said...

So precious! It does just melt your heart!! Molly is a "late" talker too and still doesn't really say any truly recognizable words, but she understands dozens of words and can point out pictures and objects on command. Every baby does their own thing in their own time. Levi is so adorable!!!