February 12, 2008


Sorry everyone...I have been horrible about updating the blog. Life has been a little hectic the past few weeks. Let's see, we left off with blue paint. We did get our bedroom painted and we have gotten most of the guest room done. The problem with that room was not the size but the color paint. We choose yellow for that room - I was thinking bright and inviting when I choose the color. Didn't realize that it would take 3 million coats to cover the walls. Ok, maybe not 3 million but we've put at 2 coats and in some places 3 coats and it still needs more work. Well it has to be done before the weekend because Greg and Erin are coming to visit. Once we get that room done I'll take pictures so all can see all of our hard work!

We are leading a local youth retreat this Friday and Saturday with the high school youth from church. It will be lots of fun but we will definitely be tired. Greg and Erin are coming to visit Saturday night and will be here till Monday. It will be a busy weekend!

It is very cold and rainy right now. It looked liked the world was going to end an hour or so ago. I wish I had taken a picture but that would have meant getting wet. :) Now I'm just waiting for Mike to get home with a pizza....yummy!

By the way, I can not believe that it is February already. Time just keeps on flying by...very very quickly!

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Kt said...

That exciting that Greg and Erin are coming for a visit. Say hi for me!
I'm glad its february...means i'm that much closer to getting done this semester.
Enjoy your pizza!