January 26, 2008

Blue paint

We spent all afternoon today painting our bedroom a lovely blue/gray color. As of 5:30 PM it is still not finished but it is getting there. We got a little hungry and needed to stop for a food break. Painting was not the most fun part of the whole afternoon however. The best part - I recommend this for anyone who would like to work on patience - was to listen to our dog bark for 3 hours in his kennel. We had to put him in there so we didn't have blue paw prints around the house. He knew we were upstairs and so wanted to join us! He is finally calm and happy to be out of his cage. So one room down, 2 more to go on the project list. :)


Kt said...

ohh i like that i can see of that color. Its really pretty, and not too "in your face" type blue.
I'm sorry about yankee, but why does that not surprise me..your dog going crazy...hmm...what a concept! hehehe. just kidding. do they make ADD medicine for dogs? maybe look into that. =P

Kt said...

I vote for a new post.....ps. i have two new ones!!! you better get cracking!!! lol