February 25, 2014

Valentine's Day

I am not one to make a big deal about little holidays like Valentine's Day bur I do like doing some sort of tradition for my kids to remember and look forward to.  My mom and Mike's mom (presents not pictured because we hadn't received them yet) got the kids little presents and I decided to get them some $1 window clings to decorate our big windows in the kitchen.  They loved it all.  So the night before I just set everything at their seats in the kitchen and let them find them when they came down for breakfast.  Levi loved opening his card and playing with his stuffed horse and Charlotte wanted to open her stickers.  :)  And even 2 weeks later they are enjoying those $1 stickers!  Since Levi hasn't been into presents until now and Charlotte was too young until these past few months to get it, I had fun with them on this morning.  They both enjoyed and "got" what the holiday was all about.  And we ended up having a snow day so everyone (except Daddy) was home all day! 

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