January 30, 2014

"Little Momma" {January}

My sweet baby girl is getting so big each and every day. It has been such a joy for us to watch her grow and learn new things.  One of the sweetest things to watch is the way she "cares" for her dolls and animals, in particular, her baby doll.  She loves pushing "Baby" around in her stroller, giving her drinks, feeding her, and making sure she has her bow on.  :)  One morning we were playing with "Baby" and I showed her how she could sit in her backpack too.  She wasn't such a fan of "Baby" being in the backpack so she quickly abandoned the idea of carrying her around and switched just to making sure she got her milk.  I just love watching her "momma" instinct grow and I want to foster that innate desire to care for and be compassionate towards others.  So thankful to be given glimpses into her little personality (both strengths and weaknesses) and pray that God will provide us with wisdom to help guide her (and Levi!). 

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