October 2, 2011

September Travels

We were busy busy during the month of September.  Gone, then home for a few days, gone again, home again.  Whew!  Glad to be home to stay for a little while.  :)

We took our 2nd Outer Banks vacation with the Ball Family and the Charles Family.  We had a great time!  Very relaxing.  And despite the mosquitoes which were brewed up by Hurricane Irene the beach was quite nice most of the week.  It got cold and rainy at the very end of the week but we were going home so no matter.  :)

We were home for a week and then turned around, got on a plane and flew up to Pittsburgh.  We were there for the GCC Homecoming but also to spend time with good friends that I miss dearly!  We stayed with Jenna and Danny who graciously opened their cute little Pittsburgh home to us.  We had a great time catching up with everyone!

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