July 17, 2011

Girl's Day Out

This past Saturday, my dear friend Lindsay and I left the husbands in charge of the little boys and headed out on a mini-roadtrip.  :)  We have been pining to go to a few stores down in the Charlotte area but needed a) whole day b) no distractions.  We FINALLY got both requirements filled and scheduled and headed out Saturday morning.

First stop - Pottery Barn Outlet, Gaffney SC (after stopping for some coffee!).  Still a bit expensive but we did find some items that we wanted at a discount. (YAY!)   Look at all those couches!  It was tempting....

We also hit up the Gap outlet there because, why not?  Then we headed back up the road to Gastonia, NC and stopped in at Mary Jo's Cloth Store.  This is a fabric lover's dream come true.  So much fabric and all kinds.  I got some fabric for a chair I plan to recover and Linds got a few pieces to make pillows.

Then on back to Charlotte to explore IKEA (sorry no picture - I got lazy).  It was crowded but we didn't have any time constraints so we wandered through the showroom and the marketplace and got a few decor items on the cheap.  After a nice sit down dinner we headed on home.  We had such a great day - relaxing and fun!  I think I'm recharged for another week....maybe..... ;)

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