June 13, 2011

And the project is finished.....

Well, sort of.  Good news is that the stairs are now back in commission.  Old carpet is all off, new risers put on, and new treads stained and installed.  And it looks fabulous!!!!!!!!  Mike really has outdone himself on this project.  :)  However, we still need to go back and touch up all the white paint and cover up stain spots.  Not to mention we now have a lovely unfinished gap between the top step and the old carpet in the hallway - yuck!  Hallway is next!  BUT, we are in the home stretch of the ginormeous floor project throughout our house.  So here is the finished stairway (except for details - so don't look too hard!). 

Let's remember where we came from......BEFORE:


Some more angles....

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