May 30, 2011


Well, summer has officially arrived in North Carolina.  After a rare mild spring, the heat and humidity have been turned up to full blast.  The beginning of the Memorial Day weekend brought rain but it was nice and sunny (but very humid!) by the end.  Monday we spent just hanging out as a family and then later with church friends at a cookout.  We spent quite some time out in the front yard just playing in the shade.  Levi now likes to push around his wagon and walk behind it.  Won't be long before we have a walker!  He also seems to really enjoy being outside and playing in the grass.  He has absolutely no qualms about being dirty either (much to mommy's chagrin).  He seems to have developed a skin reaction to grass,  however.  We'll be keeping our eye on it.  Doesn't look serious and doesn't seem to bother him.

Mommy had the fancy camera out today since she was taking birthday pictures for a certain big boy (those to come later!).  So a few from "play-time".  He thinks it is so cool to walk behind that wagon!  :)

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Lindsay said...

These are so sweet!!