February 16, 2011

Sort-of crafty

Craft projects just have NOT happened since Levi was born.  I really wish that I could say that I have done something over the past 8 months but sadly I have not.  I am going to blame this on how difficult of a child Levi is and not my lack of motivation....yes that's right....no time due to challenging baby....  :)

Anyways, Levi's great-grandmother sent him a card for V-Day with his first monies in it!  I don't even have a cutesy piggy bank for him so I decided I would make him one.  I have tons of these Mason/Ball jars so I grabbed one and quickly personalized it.  Very easy project - hardly a craft project - but we are going to ease back into this!

1 comment:

Alison said...

sort-of or not, it was still a craft ...and I know I need "craft time" to help me stay cheerful :)
seems like you're starting back into it slow and we'll be seeing pictures of a quilt soon ;)