January 22, 2011

7 Months

Somehow we skipped 6 months - guess we were too busy with Christmas and all!  Levi turned 7 months on Friday.  We were back at the doctor's office due to a lingering ear infection so we got a new weight - 22 lbs!!  He is a BIG boy!  He has started smiling and laughing a lot at our facial expressions.  He has also started to squeal when he is super happy!  He is eating solids but are a very picky eater thus far.  All Levi likes at the moment are sweet potatoes, bananas and applesauce.  Levi is trying to figure out how to roll onto his tummy from his back but not there quite yet.  Sitting up really well but not making much of an effort to move anywhere.  Although, he gets really frustrated when he can't reach what he wants!  Levi is going to be a little drummer (or at least is right now) - he bangs everything on anything.  The drop/pick-it up game is a new favorite as well.  Since, we switched his formula to a hypo-allergenic mixture he has become a much happier boy (except when he is sick).  Here are some pictures of Levi playing and smiling!

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Carla said...

Such a smiley face! Absolutely
adorable baby... (grandmothers are allowed to make a fuss!)
Love all the pictures!