November 21, 2010

5 Months

Time is flying - although some days it definitely doesn't feel like it!  Our little boy is 5 months old now!  He is working on sitting up and rolling over but still has yet to do either.  He is "talking" a lot now and is so much fun to interact with.  He really does not like tummy time and will roll right off his stomach and onto his back.  We went to the doctor just a few days ago for a reflux check and Levi weighed 17 lbs 4 oz.  Big boy!

Mommy got a new camera the other week so to practice we took some pictures of Levi.  Still learning the camera but we got a few cute ones.  :)  Here is the best smile!

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Aunt JO said...

Hi Emily & Mike!

You certainly got a good picture of Levi placed on your blog. You did capture a nice smile, and the picture really lets us know how he's grown since you were at Grandma's house.

Blessings to you guys during the holidays!

Aunt JO