September 8, 2010

Road Trip!

Way back last spring my dear friend, Jenna, asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  I, of course, said yes - couldn't wait!  A few months later we learned that we were pregnant and we would have a little one in tow for all of her wedding festivities.  September has come - so hard to believe! - and we made our first of two trips to Pittsburgh this past weekend.  This trip was for her shower and we will return in a month for the wedding!  We also stopped over in East Liverpool to visit my family.  Levi got to meet a bunch of great aunts, a great grandma, and some cousins.  It was a tiring but wonderful weekend!

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Kelli said...

You look AMAZING momma!! There's no way that you just had a baby! And that last pic of him on this it!! What a handsome little fellow!!!

(PS I remember 4 months being a huge milestone. E wasn't exactly a content baby for a while but things got dramatically better/happier/easier after the 4 month mark!)