July 15, 2010

Home Alone

This week has been my first week home alone with Levi.  It has been interesting!  I had a crying break-down Monday night - totally convinced that I was not cut out for this job.  However, each day has gotten a little bit better - or at least my confidence has grown each day.  Levi is really a good baby he just has his little quirks - like any baby!  So we have been working through some of those issues.  One of his major issues since he was just a few days old has been gas and reflux.  The first night we had him home we realized that he did not like to lay flat.  So the first few nights he slept in a baby papasan chair and then our friend lent us a Nap Nanny that allows children to sleep at an 45 degree incline.  This is supposed to be especially good for babies with reflux because it helps relieve the pain of reflux.  Since then, Levi has been sleeping in the Nap Nanny fairly successfully every night.  While I appreciate my sleep I do worry about having to wean Levi from the Nap Nanny and into a regular crib.  So this morning I experimented.  :)  We have a pack-n-play that allows babies to sleep at a slight incline.  Nothing like the Nap Nanny but not completely flat.  Levi was obviously tired after his 9 AM feeding so I double swaddled him up, put the sleep positioner in the pack-n-play and laid Levi down in it.  He cried for a few minutes, fought the sleep for about 10-15 minutes but then eventually fell asleep!  We will have to keep working on this - I think we might try moving Levi to his room soon.  Here is a video of my little victory.  :)


The Queen said...

Hurray for victory!! That's great Em!

Alison said...

I was a mess by the time Kevin came home from his first day back at work - it gets easier! :) I no longer start crying when he walks through the door ;)

Sounds like you are a great mom already!