April 19, 2010

Are we there yet?

I apologize for the absence of posting - Mike and I have been traveling all over the east coast this past week.  We are finally home and back to normal life.  :)  Here are some pictures from our travels.

Last weekend, my lovely sister, mom and good friend threw me a baby shower in Maryland.  It was a beautiful shower and I was totally overwhelemed by all the folks that came to celebrate.  It was so good to see family and friends - especially friends that I haven't seen in years!

On Monday we drove back to North Carolina (loaded down with baby gear!) and switched cars and continued driving to Charleston, SC.  We spent 3 days in Charleston on a mini-vacation with my parents.  My aunt and uncle drove down from Myrtle Beach on Thursday.  We had beautiful weather and everything was blooming - it was gorgeous! 

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