March 25, 2010

Craft Projects for Baby

I have been working on some sewing projects this week for Levi and still have more up my sleeve!  I am really into the applique on shirts - so cute!  These are the two that I have gotten done so far.  I need to go to the craft store to get more supplies!  I found the pattern for the tie on this adorable blog: Trey & Lucy.  I got the picture for the whale somewhere but I honestly can't remember where!

I am excited about a few other craft projects but these I had to have commissioned. There was no way I could do these! One of my old middle/high school friends, Amanda, is expecting her first little girl in just a few weeks. She has been making (yes, making!) all of her cloth diapers. They are so cute that I just had to have her make me some too. :) I commissioned her to make two custom cloth diapers for me. I am so excited about these - they are so cute!

PS - She does sell these (in your choice of fabric). So, if you are interested, I'll put you in contact with her!

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Christy N said...

The cloth diapers are adorable, but I think I'll pass....BUT you have to make Lando a onesie with the tie...please, I'll pay for the materials, whatever. That is too cute!! You are super creative!!