January 10, 2010

Hardwood Floors - Begin!

The long awaited project of hardwood floors has begun! As you might remember, we found our floor back in September at Lumber Liquidators and they have been sitting in our garage since then. We were in the midst of our wainscoting project when we bought them so we waited to do one project at a time. Then Christmas time happened - so that is why we are to January and just beginning. We are starting in the living room and then once we are are finished there we will move on to the office. So this is what our living room looked like before (you can catch glimpses of Mike's wainscoting work):

First things first, carpet needs to come up.

Then the particle board subfloor needs to come up so that all the floor will be even.


The Queen said...

Cool! Its looking good so far. I love how Yanks tried to get in almost every picture. Especially the first one...all you get is the butt! haha. Keep us updated!

ChrisandMissy said...

How fun! (Though Mike may not see it as "fun" per say...) You have such a cute little house, Em. I hope your project goes smoothly and that you and baby are feeling well!