October 14, 2009

Not much to blog about

So, life has been a bit boring for me the past few weeks. Life on the couch doesn't get very exciting. :) I am now 2 weeks out from surgery and started PT yesterday. I am not looking forward to the pain that will come with PT but I am looking forward to moving and getting better! This week is week 1 out of 6 for the initial start of my PT therapy. I will keep you all posted on how progress goes.

Our church, our neighbors and our family have been so great during this time. We had so many meals made and brought to us. Along, with just books, movies and coffee. :) Having folks just come and spend time with me has been a great blessing as well - it gets boring when you are home all day by yourself! So thank you all!

My mom and dad are coming to visit this weekend and I am looking forward to time to visit with them and hopefully getting out of the house!

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The Queen said...

Another Wally-World trip!!! =) Have fun!