September 24, 2009

Unexpected Injury

Earlier this month my neighbor and I were talking and he saw my volleyball t-shirt. He asked, "Do you play volleyball?". I said, "Yes!" So he gave me information about the Apex Community League and how to join his team. So I signed up and have been pumped to be able to play volleyball again. However, that excitement and anticipation was crushed this past Wednesday with an unexpected injury. As I was leaning in for a ball my left foot popped and I fell to the ground. I knew right away that it was the achilles tendon that had popped and something was not right. Yet, my pain subsided and I was eventually able to hobble to my car and drive home. Once I was home, Mike and I decided that maybe I should go to the ER. So off to the ER we went. The diagnosis was what I knew it would be but still all the while hoping it was not - achilles tendon rupture. This injury requires surgery to correct and months of recovery. All of which I am not looking forward to. Consult with the surgeon is tomorrow so I will know more details then. For those that are out there reading our blog, please pray for good news from the doctor and a speedy recovery! Thank you!

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