August 14, 2009

TV Fixed!

Unlike most people, Mike & I do not have cable TV. We don't want to pay for it every month and we fear that we will become sloths if we had it to watch. However, our old rabbit ears just weren't cutting it. After the digital switch (for whatever reason) we lost ABC and PBS - they just would not come in. So instead of going and buying a fancy antenna Mike researched how to build an antenna that would do just a good of job if not better. Tonight he got it done and we are back in business! We now get 21 channels, compared to our 10 before. It doesn't look pretty but it will hide behind the TV cabinet and no one will see it. For us simpletons we are very happy tonight! :)


Lindsay said...

Yay!! Micah will be so excited to watch elmo at your house now!

Kt said... about being resourceful! That's great! Mikes just becoming proficient in everything! He now bears the name...antenna man! lol