August 28, 2009

Office Update

Our house is just one big project that is never finished! Recently, we have gotten a few things up and done in the office. This room has come a long way from when we moved in 2 1/2 years ago! There are still a few things missing - curtains, a rug, the wainscoting and new floors (wish!). But we've gotten some things up so I thought it was time for a picture update!

Both diplomas finally displayed!


ChrisandMissy said...

Emily!!! I LOVE your office! If the first picture you posted was in a magazine, I would clip it out for my file of design ideas. I love the wall color, the white furniture, the cubby shelves, the desk, the chair's so pretty.
Is this the room you would put an Amy Butler rug in? Would this be where you do sewing projects? It is, seriously, the picture of my dream sewing room. =) Beautiful!

Kt said...

Love it Em! It all looks great! I like the photo updates...then I can imagine how a rug will look in there now that I know exactly what your talking about! I really like what you've done so far though!

Mike & Emily said...

Missy - Thanks!! You are too sweet! This is the room that I want the Amy Butler rug for. :) I have been looking for a green and white fun rug to put in the office. Not an easy task! The office is our multi-purpose room. We have laptops so you can put a computer on the desk and I do my scrapbooking and sewing in there.

Kate - Thanks! I hope to get some things accomplished in the near future. The new floors may have to wait. :)