March 9, 2009

We are now aunt & uncle

Mike's brother and his wife had their first child early Sunday morning. It was a beautiful little girl - Haley Elizabeth. Both mom and baby are doing fine. We went to visit on Sunday afternoon with Mike's parents and sister. Both the new mom and dad were pretty tired so we didn't stay long. This is the first "grandbaby" on both sides of our family so we are now Aunt Emily and Uncle Mike.

That was the big event of the weekend. But we had a very, very busy weekend. Starting Thursday night we spent our weekend watching/hanging out with the Clark kids - all 6 of them - while their parents were out of town for an optometry conference. The kids were great and we had a fun time hanging out with them! We had some issues with our dog (who was supposed to stay with us at their house) but we got those resolved Friday morning and decided he was much better at home.

Whew....busy weekend!

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