February 27, 2009


Nope, didn't win the contest in case you were wondering. Didn't think I would.

I am watching little Miss Ella today at my house. We are watching Clifford right now on a very fuzzy television screen. I somehow messed up the channels that were coming through in my attempt to fix them. Guess I'll be waiting for Mike to come home and fix them. But at least we have some sort of PBS coming through now.

I also have a very annoying dog who I have stuck outside because I was tired of chasing him around the house. Now he is pounding on the storm door outside. I think I'll let him pound until he is blue in the face.

And I have Micah coming too....going to be a fun morning!


Kt said...

aww you get two babies today! cute! i say leave the dog out...lol. you should build a dog run in the yard so you can stick him in there and just let him run wild!

Knock On Wood said...

I said a dog run would be a good idea too!!

Emily said...

yes just not very attractive for our front yard. :) we would probably get a fine for that one!