February 20, 2009


So I watched little M yesterday morning and he was NOT a happy camper! Poor boy has been sick and exhausted because of that. He did finally fall asleep and got a good nap in. But before he fell asleep and was screaming at me I decided to have a little fun. Why not make it worse by taking his picture! He actually calmed down while I took his picture - no smiles though. :) Then while he was sleeping I played with his picture using pre-designed actions in photoshop (my old version - which seems to work ok). Which is your favorite?

The Original


Kt said...

I like the middle one! Such a cutie. I'm sorry he was so upset while he was there. =( I'm glad you made the best of his little crying fit. =)

Knock On Wood said...

I like 3 and 5 the best. :)