January 11, 2009


I was shopping the other day at TJ Maxx and found this beautiful electric fireplace at a great price. I had to have it! So I bought it and we brought it home today (thanks to B & L!). A little background - we are planning on re-doing our master bath and closet in the near future. The fireplace will go at the foot of our bed where the closet doors are now. This has been a part of our master plan and so when I saw it I figured we would get it a little early if we could save some money. The problem - I didn't realize how cream it was in the store, only after I brought it home and put it against our bright white trim. I really do love it! But Mike and I want some second opinions. So here are some pictures of the fireplace in our room (ignore where it is - it won't stay there). Just look at colors and such. Thanks!

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Kt said...

oooo I love the style! Its very pretty. The color is fine, but if your bothered by the cream, can't you just paint it white to match? That would probably make it look cleaner against the white trim. But I do like it, alot! are you thinking of doing the bathroom how I suggested?? hehe I'm just curious.

Mom said...

I think you got a very good deal. It's a really nice size and style. The color is off, with the way you have your trim now. You will have to paint one or the other to make it match, but that shouldn't be hard to do.