November 9, 2008

Family Visit

This past weekend Mike's parents, sister and aunt came down to North Carolina to visit. The weekend trip was to celebrate Warner's 60th birthday! He knew he was coming to North Carolina but he had no idea that his sister, Barbara was flying in from New Mexico! That was his big birthday surprise - and they sure got him! Mike and I were also babysitting 2 dogs for friends. We had quite the house full! It made it even more fun and lively. :)

We had beautiful weather all weekend long - great fall weather with all the colorful trees around. We visited Jordan Lake and Lake Pine and enjoyed the outdoors. We also had a wonderful fancy Italian dinner on Saturday night. Sunday afternoon consisted of a family photo shoot since everyone was in one spot all at once - even Yankee got in the picture! :)

To see all of our pictures from our weekend adventures, visit our album at:
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Kt said...

I love them and I love your hair! It looks adorable! Those other two dogs you were watching are beautiful too! Goodness. Glad to see that Warner had a good birthday and got a great surprise!!
Love you!!

Knock On Wood said...

So cute!!